How to Protect Yourself from Auto Insurance Fraud?


As we know most people gets freaked out after a car accident that they forget the basics of how to protect themselves from accident scams, insurer tricks, so whether you’re on the road  or buying your auto insurance, it’s trivial to know how to protect yourself from auto insurance fraud.

car insurance companies

Two Scenarios:

  • When you’re on the road:


  • Try to trust your instincts, for example while you’re driving and someone seems to be tailing you or behaving suspiciously, look for a safe spot and pull into like police station, gas station…
  • Focus and be wary on the road, you might be set up for a staged accident if a car pulls in front of you or something like that.
  • It would be perfect if you carry a disposable camera in your car, or even an accident emergency kit.


  • When Buying your auto insurance:


  • Try to check all insurance offers that you can from salespeople, phone callers…
  • Be careful if the price of your insurance is lower, there is a big probability that is a scam.
  • Make sure free services are showed in your insurance bill if there is any.
  • Check the insurance company ratings at the BBB (Better Business Bureau).


  • The moment after the crash happens:


  • Try to note the date, take photos of damaged vehicles and exchange information with the other driver such as driver license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance.
  • If the car is not empty try to count the number of people in the car, if possible get their names too.
  • If necessary you can call the police, note that the police may not come to the accident scene unless there are injuries reported.
  • Avoid all kind of people, especially the ones who try to offer you quick cash to fix your car instead of calling your insurance company.
  • Never sign blank insurance claim forms.




car insurance companies

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